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I was tagged by: thebitenuker! Thanks for tag, finally got to answer it :)

1. Recently watched on your Netflix account? (If you don’t have one, what was the last movie you watched?)

Unfortunately Netflix doesn’t work in Dubai, but the last movie I watched was Heathers. Watched the musical in NYC and had to see the movie it was based on.

2. If you could meet your favorite idol/hero, where and how would it take place?

Gosh I would love to meet Kristen Wiig, I think I would like to meet her in a coffee shop or something, like a cozy setting. Haha I’d have no idea what to say, maybe hey Kristen - that’s a good start. 

3. Iphone or Android?

Android. Better value and their software has cute names…

4. Finish the sentence: I feel most comfortable in…

This question makes me really want to put that Kristen gif of ‘a t shirt and thats it’, but seriously probably like a jumper and shorts. 

5. Most repeated quote you say from a movie?

'You been drinkin' drugs?' from Adventureland. No-one ever gets when I say it, they're always like 'you know you take drugs'. Lame..

6. Beaches, mountains, jungle, desert. Pick one. 

Definitely not a desert. There’s a sand storm happening outside as I write. I get bored at the beach, and I don’t appreciate bugs so not the jungle. Haha I guess mountains then! 

7. Favorite SNL host/episode?

Mick Jagger episode/ Kristen’s last episode. If I ever need to cry and smile at the same time, I watch this.

8. Why did you decide to make your awesome tumblr account?

Well it started off as a Jimmy Fallon only blog, just to meet people who also liked him, but now it’s kinda branched out into multiple obsessions at the same time.

9. A potato is best enjoyed in what form?

Chunky Chip form!!!!!! (excuse my british, you know like fat french fries?)

10. Which character (from any show) do you most identify with?

Jenna Maroney. I love the centre of attention. Im just kidding, though I do love her and relate in a small way, but mostly Louise from Bob’s Burgers. I just relate to that sassy-ness and the way she thinks.

11. Will NBC ever have a kickass thursday line-up again? 

I fear such a ship has sailed. But neither does ABC have it’s shit together, so what are you gonna do?

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4. Soda, water or juice?

5. You have a free one-way ticket to go anywhere, where do you go?

6. Which cancelled/ finished show would you revive?

7. Favorite musical?

8. Would you rather live in a city or village?

9. All time favorite SNL cast member?

10. Behind or in front of the camera?

11. Possession you couldn’t live without? 

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